Coaching and Private Lessons 

Jen is an acting skills coach for theatre, film, new media and TV. Bit by the acting bug at the age of 5, Jen brings a wealth of experience, sensitivity, time honed skills, and a sense of play to empower you to enter the room with confidence, artistry, and freedom. She has a gift for putting the actor at ease and getting to truth while fostering a sense of adventure and fun. Drawing on the client’s unique talents, presence, and skills, Jen guides you and sees coaching as a partnership. Coaching can focus on specific audition or project preparation and journeying, or can be in the form of private lessons with a developmental plan. Jen works with client’s of different levels of experience, from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced.

As a coach, Jen brings her talents as an actress,  acting teacher, director, producer, and founder of Mississippi Mud Productions, where she also heads the educational wing. She also has created successful solo shows and films on Hollywood actresses so brings her method of rehearsing and building roles for solo and group plays. Education-wise, she brings her knowledge from her acting training in New York, Texas and California, from doing theatre and film/TV, and from teaching acting as well as voice and movement in colleges, high schools and adult education showcases. In addition to audition preparation and acting skills, Jen can coach actors in voice, speech, acting the song, and dialects as well as physical character work.

Jen applies her own Tiger Jump method of emotional, mental, voice and body awareness to ground and free the actor. The name Tiger Jump is inspired by ballet dancer Nijinsky’s gracefully powerful jumps that defied gravity so people would say that when he jumped he touched the stars and by the powerful jump of a wild cat from spontaneous impulse and need in play and pursuit. The task is to free you to soar….

In addition to working with actors, Jen also coaches for public speaking and presentations on camera or live, and has hands on experience coaching lawyers, teachers, IT folk, and dancers..

Jen’s acting training is in American Method, Stanislavski, Suzuki physical actor training, along with other techniques to get to realness and freedom. She also offers scene study gyms and her special Yin and Yang acting gyms for monologues and work on roles…

Jen is available to coach on Skype across the nation and even internationally, plus locally in New York City and on Long Island. She offers coaching packages and competitive rates. For more information on her coaching and acting gyms, contact Jen via the contact form on this website to see if you might be a match. Thanks and Rock yr dreams!


T.H. Turner Actor and Filmmaker – Jen is an inspiration to me. She pushes you to really do your best when it comes to acting. She has helped me get in touch with emotions that I didn’t know I ever had. And I love being open and honest as an actor, she pushes me to put myself out there and take risk. This past year I have acted in my first supporting role in a crime film called The Brutal 9 as a secret agent and received an IMDB credit. Thank you Jen for inspiring me not to give up and to stay on this journey. God Bless You and Love YA!!!!!!!!” T.H. is from Kansas and is now based in Los Angeles. 


Alex Brodsky, client, Generation TV Agency NYC – “Jen Danby truly knows her stuff as an actor and takes great joy in sharing what she knows as a teacher. I saw Jen in her performance of “A Streetcar Named Desire” where she played Blanche DuBois and I was stunned, it was a breathtaking performance, I could not keep my eyes off her. I said to myself “I want to act like Jen”. Within a week I got a call for a movie audition and my mother immediately contacted Jen to work with me. I have been acting since I am four but, I have never been so well prepared for any audition before. Jen also coached me for an ABC soap audition and I felt super ready. Her level of experience is outstanding and greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your help.” Booked two national commercials and was accepted into a top BFA program at a NYC university.